What happens after the fireworks?

Measure. Commit. Act. Measure again.

Don't just go through the New Year's resolution motions this year.
Measure your body composition during January.
Commit to change, act and measure again in three months time.


What’s going on inside you?

Stop guessing. Be informed.

Bathroom scales and other measuring devices provide some data.
The InBody 570 analyses your body composition accurately.
A BodyGen Body Composition Analysis informs you.


Transform You.

Today can be the first day of your new life.

The time has come for you to focus on you.
To make the changes you know you need to make.
It's time to Transform You.


Is your job slowly killing you?

Don’t just sit there … do something about it.

Sedentary lifestyles can lead to dangerous chronic diseases.
It's time to take action for everyone's benefit.
Let's make sure you are Fit For Work And Life.


Your health and well-being doesn’t improve by magic

A health coach will improve your chances of success.

Improved health and performance needs focus and commitment.
A health coach will help you draw on that inner drive.
A BodyGen Health Coach could be the difference.


Are you exercising purposefully?

Any form of exercise is good. Only purposeful exercise achieves results.

It takes time and effort to exercise regularly.
Are you wasting that time and effort, just going through the motions?
A BodyGen Exercise Coach will help you to exercise with purpose.


Healthy eating is not the same as following a fad diet

Sensible eating decisions lead to healthy eating habits.

Popular diets can sometimes do more harm than good.
Some extra knowledge and a bit of planning will make a difference.
Let the BodyGen Lifestyle Nutrition Program show you how.


BodyGen. Be Informed.

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